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Got a question about our service? Not to worry, we've complied a bunch on commonly asked Hey Pharmacist-related questions all in one place.

What is Hey Pharmacist?

Hey Pharmacist is a free online NHS repeat prescription service that allows users to order and manage their medication all via our app and website, without needing to contact their GP or visit their pharmacy until it’s time to collect. We offer you the option to either collect your medication in store or have it delivered to your door.

With Hey Pharmacist, you’re able to re-order your NHS repeat prescription in as little as 4 taps, and once you’ve ordered, we keep you up to date with the progress of your medication, from requested to ready for collection or delivery. We even give you the option to enable a reminder when it’s time to re-order your medication next time!

Our mission is to take the faff out of ordering your medication, making your busy lives that little bit more stress free. Ordering your medication has never been simpler.

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Why should I use Hey Pharmacist?

Remembering to take your prescription medication is stressful enough, so why should you have to deal with the added stress of having to remember to order it? With Hey Pharmacist, that stress is history.

Not only does Hey Pharmacist make ordering your NHS repeat prescription a breeze, it’s also linked to 99.5% of GPs across England, meaning your GP is easily able to prescribe your medication to you without you needing to call them or visit them, saving both of you valuable time.

Other key benefits of using Hey Pharmacist include:

  • Re-ordering your medication takes as little as 2 taps
  • Receive real time updates on the progress of your order with no need to contact your GP
  • Choose between collection from your local pharmacy or delivery to your door
  • Set re-order reminders so that you never forget to order your medication again
  • Easily take control of your loved ones medication all in one place
  • It’s free!

How do I sign up to Hey Pharmacist?

The most secure way to sign up to Hey Pharmacist is via NHS login. This will securely connect Hey Pharmacist to your NHS record, meaning your information is kept safe and secure at all times.

If you haven’t already, create your NHS account using your email or phone number.

Learn more about NHS login here.

Who can use Hey Pharmacist?

If you are over 16, live in England, and are currently on an NHS repeat prescription, you are eligible to use Hey Pharmacist to order and manage your own NHS repeat prescriptions.

If you’re under 16, your medication can still be managed via Hey Pharmacist, but will need to be linked to someone’s account who is over 16, and only collection is available so that a minors' medication can be discussed with a pharmacist if needed.

How much does Hey Pharmacist cost?

Absolutely nothing! The Hey Pharmacist app and website are completely free to use for everyone.

Unless you pay for your medication, you won’t need to make a single payment through the entirety of the ordering process. We even offer free delivery to patients across England!

Is Hey Pharmacist the same as Coop Health?

In 2021, PHEONIX UK acquired the rights to Coop Health, with the intention to help community pharmacy enter the digital age without sacrificing the face to face interaction that is vital when dealing with important topics such as patient’s medication and health queries.

Does my local pharmacy use Hey Pharmacist?

Hey Pharmacist supports community pharmacies across England that are Numark members – the largest chain of independent pharmacies in the UK. If you are unsure as to whether your local pharmacy uses Hey Pharmacist, you can visit your local pharmacy and ask about Hey Pharmacist, you’ll likely see Hey Pharmacist promo within the pharmacy to let you know that they use the service.

We’ll also let you know if your pharmacy uses Hey Pharmacist if you’re ordering your medication and choose collection (or if you specify delivery from your pharmacy as opposed to royal mail).

Hey Pharmacist is connected to 99.5% of GPs across England, and supports over 4,500 pharmacies, including 437 Rowlands Pharmacies. Meaning the chance that your local pharmacy uses Hey Pharmacist is very high.

Non-independent pharmacies will not use Hey Pharmacist.

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