About Hey Pharmacist

Hey! We’re Hey Pharmacist, an NHS repeat prescription and pharmacy service solution. Designed to give you the convenience of ordering your medication from your local community pharmacy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere, from our website and free app. With the options of collection and free delivery, and the ability to easily book a health service at a time that suits you. In short, we’re making pharmacy simple!

Our Story

In 2021, following the coronavirus pandemic, the nation began relying more on technology for everyday essentials, including their health. For this purpose, PHOENIX UK acquired the rights to Coop Health, helping to bring community pharmacy into the digital age.

With so many depending on their local pharmacies for their medication, as well as health advice and services, our mission is to ensure pharmacies are more accessible to more people. All whilst taking the stress out of remembering to order medication, and an easier way to keep check on your health, with no GP waiting lists or phoning required!

We make the process as simple and conveniently flexible as possible. Whilst maintaining the face to face interaction that is essential when building trust with your local pharmacist. Furthermore, because we’re partnered with the NHS, you can be assured that your GP is kept up to date with everything, and your health records are kept confidential.

We help your support your pharmacy, so they can support you.

What makes us different from the rest?

Real-time updates

We’ll keep you updated on the journey of your medication process. From when you first request it with your GP to when it’s ready for collection or delivery, meaning there is no need to contact your GP or pharmacy during the entire process! All of the information you need is right in front of you.

Choose collection or delivery

We support over 4000 independent pharmacies across England. Giving you a wide variety of options when it comes to finding a pharmacy you can rely on for whatever service you need. We also provide patients the options to have their medication available to collect from their local pharmacy, or to have it delivered directly to their door for free!

Re-order reminders

Remembering to re-order your medication can be easily forgotten. That’s why we also provide the option to be reminded when it is time to order your medication. With it taking as little as 2 taps, it takes less than 30 seconds to order your medication.

Order for others

What’s even more stressful than remembering your own prescription is having to remember the prescription of others! But worry not, Hey Pharmacist have got your back. We allow you to add up to 5 other people – including under 16’s – onto your account so that you can manage multiple accounts all in one place.

Book a health service

Want a health check-up but finding it impossible to get an appointment with your GP? Your pharmacy also offers a range of health services you can book at a time that best suits you. With Hey Pharmacist, you can check which pharmacies offer what services, from flu vaccines to blood pressure checks, and their availability, so you don’t need to book an appointment over the phone!

Hey Pharmacist is the future of pharmacy. Ordering your NHS repeat prescription medication has never been simpler! Don’t forget to register with Hey Pharmacist to manage and order your repeat NHS prescriptions online or via the mobile app today.

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