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Organise your medication on the go, all in one place, without having to contact anyone or go anywhere, with the Hey Pharmacist app!

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Keeping up with your NHS repeat prescriptions can be a faff. But it doesn’t have to be!

Use our mobile repeat prescriptions service to view, order, and manage your medication in just a few taps. All you need to do is collect them from your local pharmacy, or you can even have them delivered to you for free, it’s that simple!

  1. Select your nearest pharmacy
  2. There's no need to call
  3. Orders are sent directly to your GP for approval
  4. It takes just two taps to re-order
  5. Choose pharmacy collection or free home delivery
  6. Order for up to five others
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How does Hey Pharmacist work?

Place orders online

1, Place your order.

Register for Hey Pharmacist with your NHS login to place your repeat prescription order, we’ll take it from there!

Medication order approval

2, Your GP approves.

Your order will be automatically sent to your GP, who will check and approve your prescription before it is sent to the pharmacy ready for dispatch.

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3, Get your medication.

Flexibly choose to collect from over 4000 pharmacies or have your medication delivered for free.

Have full control over your repeat prescriptions

If you have an NHS repeat prescription from a GP in the UK, you can download the free Hey Pharmacist app for IOS and Android to order your medication with a touch of a button!

You’re able to control which medications you order, when you order them, and how you get them. You can even set reminders so that you never forget to order your medication again!

We’re aware that many people are responsible for other people’s medication, that’s why we also allow you to order for others by adding up to five different people onto your account.

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A secure app you can trust

Securely partnered with the NHS via NHS login, and connected to over 99.5% of GPs across England, you can see your medications as prescribed by your GP, and your medication requests are sent directly to your GP for approval. Saving both your GP and yourself valuable time!

Plus, any updates to your medications will be made automatically and appear instantly on the app. Your records are in safe hands, available to only your GP, pharmacist, and you.

Find out more about NHS login

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Quick and hassle-free

Our NHS prescription app makes ordering repeat medications quick and hassle-free, so you don’t have to worry about going to the GP for an appointment or running out of medication. Simply, download the app, sign in using your NHS logins and we’ll show you exactly what you’ve been prescribed and how to order repeats.

To log in, you’ll need:

  • confirmation of your email address
  • an image of your photo I.D. (e.g. passport or driving licence)
  • a short video or facial recognition of you to verify your photo I.D

Learn more about this service on the NHS website