Diarrhoea is a common condition that many of us have unfortunately experienced. Diarrhoea is when you start passing loose, watery, or more frequent stools than usual. Not fun. It often comes with gripping pains and stomach aches too. But here's the good news - it's super common and usually clears up on its own in just a few days. So, no need to stress too much about it!

What are the symptoms of diarrhoea?

If you find yourself frequenting the bathroom with loose and watery stools, you might be dealing with diarrhoea. And it doesn't stop there - you could also experience some abdominal cramps, dehydration (remember to hydrate!), and that sudden urge to make a bathroom sprint.

What causes diarrhoea?

But why does this diarrhoea happen in the first place? Well, there are quite a few culprits. It could be anxiety, a food allergy (watch out for those surprise ingredients), medication side effects (always read the fine print), a long-term condition like irritable bowel syndrome, or even a bowel infection like gastroenteritis.

How to treat diarrhoea

There's a whole range of options to help you feel better. You can try some over-the-counter medication at your pharmacy, or even give hydration therapy a shot. Your trusty pharmacy team have all the advice you need, so don't hesitate to reach out.

So don't worry too much about diarrhoea. It's usually a temporary inconvenience that will be gone before you know it. Focus on staying hydrated, exploring those treatment options, and remember, your pharmacy team is just a chat away.