Pharmacy Contraception Service

The England NHS Pharmacy Contraception Service (PCS) is an advanced service which aims to provide women with greater choice and access to contraception services, initially providing ongoing monitoring and supply of repeat oral contraception (OC) prescriptions without needing to visit your GP.

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How does the service work?

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Book your appointment

Select the service at your local pharmacy, at a time and date that suits you.

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Attend the appointment

Your consultation can take up to 30 minutes. Your pharmacist will have a chat with you in a private consultation room to check suitability for the service.

You will be asked to confirm your blood pressure, weight, and height. If you’re unsure, your pharmacist may measure them.

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Supply of medication

If suitable for the service, your pharmacist can make supply of repeat OC for up to 12 months*.

*In exceptional cases the pharmacist may reduce this period and will explain the reason for this decision.

Subject to a positive evaluation of the ongoing pilot, from 4th October 2023, Tier 2 of the service will be introduced, which will enable your pharmacist to also initiate oral contraception, via a Patient Group Direction, and provide ongoing clinical checks and annual reviews.

Are you eligible for the service?

You are eligible for the pharmacy contraceptive service if you…

  • Are currently taking an oral contraception prescribed by your GP or a sexual health clinic*
  • Need a repeat supply of your current Oral Contraceptive


  • If taking a Combined Oral Contractive pill (COC) – you must be aged 50 years or younger.
  • If taking a Progesterone Only Pill (POP) – you must be aged 55 years or younger.  

*If there is a gap in your current Oral Contraceptive cycle, a repeat supply cannot be made under this service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

Nothing - As this is an NHS service it is FREE to eligible patients.

Can I use this service to start taking oral contraceptives?

No - Initial supply must be made by your GP or Sexual Health Clinic.

I have an implant as my current contraception, can I get repeats through this service?

No - currently this service only offers repeats for oral contraceptives.