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Order NHS medication for someone else

You can add up to 5 other adults to your Hey Pharmacist account

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Ordering for someone else

If you have the Hey Pharmacist mobile app then you'll be able to:

  • order medication on their behalf
  • choose where the medication is delivered to
  • get progress updates on the order

Hey Pharmacist Linked profiles

Sign in or download our app and tap ‘Add profiles’ to get started.

What you’ll need

To add someone else, they need to get and share with you their ‘online codes for GP services’ from their GP.

Or, if you have permission, you can ask their GP for their codes for online services on their behalf.

Coming soon

To add someone else to your account you will have to be a Hey Pharmacist mobile app user. We will be launching this feature online soon.

At the moment it is only possible to add other adults to your account, due to the extra checks needed for children and minors. We’re hoping to make this available very soon.

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