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NHS Discharge Medicines Service

If you've just left hospital, the free NHS Discharge Medicines Service can help manage your medicines.

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NHS Discharge Medicines Service

The NHS Discharge Medicine Service is a new service which all pharmacies in England will be providing from 15th February 2021.

Hospitals will be able to refer patients, who would benefit from extra support with their medicines, after they are discharged from hospital to their community pharmacy. When people are discharged from hospital, there are often changes to mediciation. This can result in confusion about what medicines should be taken and when.

It is estimated that 60% of patients have three or more changes made to their medicines during a hospital stay.

If there's been a change in your prescribed medicines after a stay in hospital, we can check you're taking the right medicines at the right time. This will help to control and manage your condition as best you can.

How do I join this service?

If you are admitted into hospital, the hospital team will identify if they think you will benefit from this service.

How does this service work?

If you are identfied as someone who could benefit from this service, a referal will be sent to Rowlands via a secure electronic system.

When we receive the referral, our pharmacy team will review the information and check for any changes to your medicines. We will compare your new medication against the medicines prescribed to you previousley.

We will check any changes with the hospital or your GP. We will then arrange sometime with you and/or your carer to help you understand the changes and provide further advice. We can do this over the phone or via video link.

If there are medicines you are no longer using, we will advise you how to dispose of them.

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